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Apothecary Matches include 12 wooden approx. 2” safety matchsticks in a glass vial with a cork stopper + striker on the bottom.

- Glass vial with 12 colored matchsticks (available colors listed in the drop down)

- Phosphorous match striker in the shape of a circle on the bottom of the glass vial in either honeycomb pattern.

- Wooden matches are for single use

- Matchstick Length Approximately 2"

- TIP: please do not use excessive force when striking the matchstick. This can cause the colored tip to break + may even break the matchstick.

- Glass jar dimensions: 22mm(0.87" diameter) × 65mm (2.56" height without cork), 12mm (0.47" bottle mouth). Capacity:15ml

- Perfect to add in with any candle to create a gift package

Apothecary Matches

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